Sport-based physical preparation and training are founded on optimum development of the physical and mental qualities of each individual in order to achieve maximum sports performance.

In our unit, we prepare personalised training programmes, programmes oriented towards prevention of injuries, recover and physical Readaptation so that you can continue engaging in your desired physical activity and/or maintain a good competitive level.

In the area of health, we plan strength and resistance work programmes jointly so as to prevent and treat pathologies such as high blood pressure, obesity and depression, among others.

Specific services:

  • Personalised / group training
  • Race technique training
  • Group of runners
  • Handbike group (inclusive cycling)
  • Physical-sports readaptation
  • Muscle lab: muscular laboratory
  • Aqua-readaptation
  • Sup-terapia®

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

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Centre de Rehabilitació

Carrer Patronat Obrer, 19
07006 Palma de Mallorca
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